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Deposits in a coal fired grate-kiln plant for hematite

Deposit in the grate-kiln process is a well-known problem for iron ore pellet production In this study, the deposits in a coal-fired grate-kiln plant for hematite pellet production were characterized to reveal their formation mechanisms

Modelling and optimization of a rotary kiln direct

profiles, ore and coal composition, and other parameters (a total of 108 input variables were defined for the example in this paper) In the case of a generic iron-ore reduction kiln, Table I provides an overview of the parameters (and ranges) that are

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Iron ore pelletisation plant in China, rotary kiln for iron … In pelletizing, iron ore, water and a binder are balled in a mechanical disc or drum to produce agglomerates … and high temperature treatment within the furnace iron ore pellet grate kiln natural gas – Crusher South Africa Iron Ore Pelletizing Technology

Coal based Direct Reduction Rotary Kiln Process

Coal based Direct Reduction Rotary Kiln Process The coal based direct reduction rotary kiln process was developed for converting iron ore directly into metallic iron without the melting of the materials The process has the advantage of low capital expenditure and no requirement of coking coal

Simulation of Rotary Kiln Used in Sponge Iron Process

Rotary kiln is cylindrical in shape and is 80m long having 42m internal diameter This is the reactor of the process where reduction as well as combustion reactions are carried out The role of kiln is to convert the raw material (iron ore, coal and dolomite) into the sponge iron [8] Detail reaction mechanism of the process is discussed below:

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Gasifier For DRI Rotary Kiln CASE introduces another first in India by introducing coal gasifier for DRI Rotary Kiln saving tremendous coal used for reduction of Iron Ore The system could be easily installed in the present setup&is totally PLC controlled Automatic equipment India is largest producer of Sponge Iron in the world

Prospects for Coal-based Direct Reduction Process

rotary kilns Pellets, or lump-ore, mixed with coal are/is charged into the rotary kilns2) and heated by coal burners to produce DRI To avoid the significant formation of the kiln rings, their operating temperatures must be maintained in a range from 1,000 to 1,100℃3) As a result, the processes require about 12 hours of reduction


Sponge iron being magnetic gets attracted and gets separated from non- magnetic char The iron ore and coal crushed and screened to respective sizes are fed to rotary kiln through feed tube in pre-determined ratio The rotary kiln is slightly inclined at an angle 25 deg and rotated by

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Rotary kiln body, with drive gear and 2 tyres (riding rings) A rotary kiln is a pyroprocessing device used to raise materials to a high temperature ( calcination ) in a continuous process Materials produced using rotary kilns include:

Thermodynamic process evaluation of a rotary kiln unit at

Thermodynamic process evaluation of a rotary kiln unit at LKAB Kiruna combustion of coal inside the kiln contributes to the remaining one third of the total Key words: Iron ore pelletizing, Grate-Kiln process, Magnetite oxidation, Rotary kiln, Process modelling VI

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The History of Rotary Kiln The rotary equipment, which is called Rotary Kiln, is widely used in buiding material, metallurgy, chemical engineering, and environment protection industrials for the mechanical, physical or chemical treatments to solid materials The application of Rotary Kiln originated from the cement production British cementer J Asp invented soil shaft kiln of intermittent

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In this paper the direct reduction of iron ore to sponge iron is used as an example profiles, ore and coal composition, and other parameters (a total of 108 input variables More details » Get Price A vertical retort is used for the reduction of iron ore as against a rotary kiln in coal based sponge iron process When the gases are

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ROTARY KILN COMBUSTION SYSTEM • One of the most common single burner installation • Basically exchanging heat from hot combustion gas to bed material in the kiln • Used to process a variety of materials, cement and lime would be the most common Cement kiln system

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A mobile plant operator who worked at the Hazelwood mine fire to help extinguish the blaze has suffered a rapid decline in health due to lung disease and has been denied compensation

Flow of materials in rotary kilns used for sponge iron

Division of the "rata Iron and Steel Company Limited frISCO) set up a rotary kiln based direct reduction pilot plant in 1975 In this pilot plant, a totally indigenous technology for production of sponge iron has been developed in which non-coking coal is essentially used as the reductant For easy

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coke calcining may be achieved in a rotary kiln, shaft calciner and rotary hearth A rotary kiln is a device that supplies tremendous amounts of heat in order to change the chemical composition of an object It is made up of a strong reinforced steel outer shell that is coated with a heat-resistant inner lining, support rollers


Rotary kiln as a key equipment being employed widely in production of iron ore oxide pellet The Fuel as a heat source is an integral part of the rotary kiln Coal is one of the most extensively

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Iron ore must be shipped in bulk for maximum economy 12 Pretreatment process In this process, the iron ore is ground into fines having qualities required for the subsequent balling process The pretreatment includes concentrating, dewatering, grinding, drying and prewetting In general, low-grade iron ore is ground into fines

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Rotary kiln refers to rotating calcination kiln, belongs to construction material equipment According to the different materials, the kiln can be divided into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln The cement kiln is mainly used for the calcinations of cement clinker, and it …

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Drying Machine,such as Rotary Dryer,Rotary Drum Dryer,Rotary Kiln Dryer,Sludge Drying Equipment and other Dryers are producted by Zhengzhou TAIDA Drying machine,Rotary Dryer,Rotary Kiln Dryer or Drying machine in China dryer can be applied to ore dressing, building materials, chemical industry and metallurgy

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Iron Ore: Lump iron ore in the size range of 5-20mm can be used in all coal based rotary kiln processes In gas based processes 70% iron ore pellets and 30% lump iron ore of 10-30mm are being used In general high grade iron ore of 65% minimum Fe (total) with less decrepitating characteristics is preferred for use in rotary kiln

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31 Material Balance in a Rotary Kiln sponge iron plant 14 32 Energy Balance in a Rotary Kiln sponge based iron making 14 33 Schematic of optimised Rotary kiln sponge iron making process 21 41 Industrial view of Sponge Iron making Rotary Kiln 24 42 Schematic view of internal heat exchange in Rotary kiln …

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A large quantity of iron ore concentrate obtained by separation and beneficiation process must be agglomerated through sintering and pelletization before ironmaking Iron ore pellets play an important role in the raw materials for ironmaking In China, the grate-rotary kiln process is widely adopted to produce iron ore pellets


OPERATIONAL ASPECTS OF SPONGE IRON PRODUCTION IN A ROTARY KILN B L SENGUPTA A B CHATTERJEA, G P MATHUR V A ALTEKAR* ABSTRACT ON the background of the imbalance in the occurrences of vast deposits of high grade iron ore with that of coking coal, and simultaneous availability of enormous quantity of evenly distributed

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The coal and iron ore businesses provide opportunities for Mercuria to apply its full range of capabilities, allowing it to realize value throughout the supply chain Strategic investments in mineral resources and infrastructure underpin our growing presence as a major player in the global market

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Rotary kiln refers to rotary calcining kiln, mainly used for calcining calcium aluminate, limestone, bauxite, kaolin clay, gypsum etc, which is widely used in the fields of building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc

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Aug 03, 2011 · COAL INJECTION IN ROTARY KILN KRamu, CRamesh, ARajasekaran During the process of manufacture of sponge iron, coal injection plays a very vital role in maintaining the product quality Due to highly endothermic nature of Boudouard reaction, heat has to be continuously supplied in entire reduction zone of rotary kiln

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A rotary kiln is pyroprocessing device used to raise materials to a high temperature (calcinations) in a continuous process Materials produced using rotary kilns include cement, lime, titanium dioxide, alumina, iron ore pallets etc

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This was the fourth Metso Grate Kiln iron ore pelletizing plant installed for LKAB and the largest system constructed to date Equipment Specifications : Traveling Grate – 5664 mm x 70240 mm Rotary Kiln – 7470 mm diameter x 6858 mm diameter x 40000 mm long Annular Cooler – 28041 mm x 3657 mm Plant Commissioning : April 2008 Iron Ore Feed

Modeling of Pulverized Coal Combustion in Cement Rotary Kiln

In this paper, based on analysis of the chemical and physical processes of clinker formation, a heat flux function was introduced to take account of the thermal effect of clinker formation Combining the models of gas−solid flow, heat and mass transfer, and pulverized coal combustion, a set of mathematical models for a full-scale cement rotary kiln were established

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no ingressuse in India Rotary Kiln Unit consist of the solid feed system, the rotary kiln, a product sponge iron making process rotary kiln pdf Sponge Iron production using coal involves reducing iron ore with solidThis is the case study of typical coal based sponge iron plant of 500 tonne per day sponge iron production in rotary kiln pdf

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Sintering is a necessary extra step when using low grade ore (domestic Chinese iron content averages only about 20%) and pelletizing plants using fines or iron ore concentrates have also been

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Rotary kiln means Rotary calciner kiln (commonly known as rotary kiln), belonging to building materials equipment According to different materials, Rotary kiln can be divided into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln


ON THE DIRECT REDUCTION OF IRON ORE IN ROTARY KILN A K LAHIRI Department of Metallurgy, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India Abstract An analysis of direct reduction process in the isothermal zone of a rotary kiln has been made

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Rotary kiln means Rotary calciner kiln (commonly known as rotary kiln), belonging to building materials equipment According to different materials, Rotary kiln can be divided into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln